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Research Tips You Can Use: Using Google Site Search for Deeper Social Searching

In a previous post last week, we dug a bit into Google’s site search feature – which lets you use Google’s search interface (and other functionality – like filetype: searches) to do a deep search of a site that might not have much search-ability on its own, and to find much deeper information within the site.

Here, we’re going to look at a few ways to use the same site: command to dig into social media.

Facebook –

First, Facebook. While most of Facebook’s user feeds are tied up behind individual users’ privacy settings, many groups and pages are open, and posts on them are readily available. Running someone’s name in a site: search on Facebook could turn up comments or content they’ve shared across those areas of Facebook that are open. To do that you’re search ‘ “name” ‘.


Twitter –

Google indexes a significant portion of tweets – though not all of them. Using the site: search on won’t be likely to turn up more than your search on Twitter itself would, but it does give you access to more ability to customize your search, using Google’s customizable search operators.


LinkedIn –

Searching for someone’s name on a LinkedIn site: search can be an interesting way to backtrack connected persons – if they have a fairly unique name. When Google crawls profiles, it will also capture the “People also View” profiles on the side. Seeing a subject’s name come up in those can help connect you with some other potential connections that might not show up on their site on their own LinkedIn profile, and potentially give you some additional leads to track down.


We build a bit of this functionality into our Vigilant search platform, letting you access some of these data points as part of your broader search. If you’re interested in checking out our research platform and learning how it save you time and expand your reach, drop us a note!