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Vigilant Joining Matter.VC

Our CEO Mike wrote a post over on Medium, sharing some big news on Vigilant – we’re joining Matter:

Vigilant’s search platform sits on top of an API — letting us integrate data from Vigilant into any platform, work flow or even website. We started off building a way to search for records, but what we built ended up being ideal for monitoring for new information as well. And if we can integrate any data source into Vigilant, and then integrate that data feed into any platform or website, we can really connect our users with the information they need, when and where they need it — connecting any data source to any user.

That’s it’s own form of news — an opportunity to vastly expand the sort of records that are “reported” on and known. And we’re very excited to be joining Matter this summer to partner with them in helping bring this to life — to take Vigilant from a powerful search tool, to a platform that’s truly delivering the information our users need, when and where they need it. It’s a massive opportunity to expand the coverage that exists and is possible today.

We’re with the Washington Post — democracy dies in darkness. The result of today’s silo-ed data landscape is that records remain fragmented, facts remain hidden, and critical and valuable stories go untold. We believe the truth should never be a victim of logistics, and so we’re building a platform that makes real, meaningful public records access and transparency a reality.

You can read the whole post here.