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Verify at Source

It’s frustrating to run across a potentially key piece of information in a research or diligence project, but lack the details needed to track it down. This often happens with public data providers like LexisNexis, TLO or Clear.  You could come across a result in a public records search showing an “Unspecified Offense” with the “Texas Judicial System” and… nothing else! The record in question might be a traffic ticket in Houston or a DUI charge in a small town in the middle of nowhere. Figuring out exactly where the record is and what it means can take a long time to piece together – if you are able to track it down at all.

Because Vigilant’s platform works a bit differently than other data products, we’ve built a better way for researchers and analysts to retrace the steps of a search to conduct further research or to verify a result.

Vigilant searches are powerful real-time queries across thousands of data sources. If a researcher wants to dig deeper on a record that is returned, there are always direct links to  sources via a ‘Verify at Source’ button that provides a direct link to the original website or database the record came from. For example, if Vigilant shows a court record in San Mateo County in California, clicking ‘Verify at Source’ will take you right to the San Mateo County Court System’s website. This eliminates the time and guesswork of tracking down the original source of information.

With many sources, Vigilant goes even further. Whenever possible, the platform provides a direct link to the primary document itself. For example, if you want more information on a result for “John Smith” in Pennsylvania Courts, you can click the hyperlinked docket number which will open up the original court filing:

Another great example of direct links is FEC campaign finance records. On Vigilant, the hyperlinked document numbers for FEC records will actually open up the exact page of the actual campaign filing:

Quick and easy access to primary source documents on Vigilant can be invaluable – for verification purposes, tracking down additional context, or conducting follow up searches on the primary source’s database. That direct access helps researchers and analysts eliminate time-consuming steps in their workflow and improve the overall quality of the research produced.

If you would like to learn more about Vigilant’s Search platform, please reach out to [email protected] to request a demo or trial.