Welcome to our new blog at Vigilant – The Watch.

This blog is our place to share insights in the field of research and intelligence – tips, strategies, and resources that we hope will make you more successful in your work.

Check back often (or sign up to get our posts in your email!) for a range of useful content, including:

Highlights of useful sources, and how to use them: We’ll feature and dive into public record sources that might fly under your radar, and talk about creative ways to use the information obtained.

Tips and tricks from experienced researchers: We’ll feature guest posts from the best in the business, sharing useful strategies and stories based on their experiences in research.

Strategies for managing research projects: We’ll talk about tools and strategies that can be used to make your research projects successful, and we’ll try and keep this concrete – with clear examples of how to leverage these resources effectively.

And we’ll have a lot more too, so let us know what sort of things you’d like to read about!


Mike & the Vigilant Team